A Shared Vision Towards Cutting Edge Republican Training Center

After three days workshop of drafting a Sustainability Plan for the Republican Training Center Makhbuba Saidova of COES shared her feelings on the outcome. “The interactive nature of the workshop encouraged honest and open communication amongst everyone, which helped clarify suggestions. A useful chance to review current gaps in RTC and focus on improvements”, she said. 

Republican Training and Methodological Center of the Committee on Emergency Situations and Civil Defense (CESCD) under the Government of Tajikistan was established as part of a bilateral memorandum of understanding between the CoES and the Center for Support and Humanitarian Aid of the King of Saudi Arabia Salman, which was signed in February 2017.  The center's main institutional goal is to train Government Staff on Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Response. 

The ADB project Grant 0614-TAJ: National Disaster Risk Management Project (NDRM) provides Gender Sensitive and Socially Inclusive Disaster Risk Management (DRM)-related training to officials of the CESCD and key sector ministries and agencies responsible for social and economic infrastructure and natural resource management. It shall also prepare and implement a capacity-building plan for community-based DRM (CBDRM) in high-risk districts and cities, with a focus on women, children, and people with disabilities. A DRM awareness-raising program for educational institutions will also be designed and implemented in the districts and cities at high risk, with gender socially inclusive principles and approaches.

The ADB-assisted program conducted many CBDRM training sessions at the national, regional, and local levels. To ensure that Republican Training Center will continue to offer the appropriate training for varied target groups, a workshop to draft the Sustainability Plan was held from February 8–10, 2023, in which 20 staff members from the Republican Training Center and their regional and district counterparts participated.

The vision of the Republican Training Center (RTC) under the Tajikistan Committee of Emergency Situations and Civil Defense is to be the Center of Excellence in Local Governance in gender-sensitive and socially inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience Building in Tajikistan and Central Asia in 2030.

The RTC will offer a DRR program based on knowledge generation, sharing, and institutional development. The courses offered by RTC will be facilitated by champion trainers equipped with transformative learning methodologies.

The DRR program offered by this state-of-the-art training facility will facilitate DRR learning for external and internal colleagues in government and civil society organizations under cost-sharing arrangements, which will sustain the RTC-DRR program.

The RTC-DRR program is built on up-to-date inclusive and gender-sensitive courses and publications, supported by marketing and competent staff to achieve the Republican Training Center Vision, Mission, and Goals.

According to Davlatova.D, the workshop was “entertaining,” conveying key principles and practical tools for Visioning, Missioning, Goals, and Objectives. Excellent.”